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On 10th November, Ester Boixereu i Vila (IGME-CSIC) gave a presentation in Spanish on the START project at the headquarters of the professional association of Spanish geologists (ICOG), in Madrid. The conference, whose title in English would be “How to generate electricity from mining tailings”, was part of an event called Semana de la Ciencia y la Innovación (Science and Innovation Week) in Madrid. This week “is an event for scientific dissemination and citizen participation organized by the Community of Madrid through the Foundation for Knowledge Madri+d whose objective is to actively involve society in research processes and development in science, technology and innovation”, and is aimed at the general public. You can rewatch the presentation here, from the ICOG YouTube channel.

Do you know what is the scope of the START Project? Just follow our friend Starty in this introductory video about the objectives of the project, how we plan to obtain them, and the impact we hope our approach of recycling of mine wastes into thermoelectric devices for energy harvesting will have! Subscribe to our mailing list on the “Contact” page to be kept informed about START.

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