RECOVER-REFORM-REUSE Issue 4 is available!

You were missing the START newsletter, weren't you? Your biannual source of reference for thermoelectrics! As always, our "Documents" page ( hosts the free-to-download pdf! Enjoy your read and pass the word to colleagues and friends!

What is the content? This time, it expanded to 27 pages of information about all the topics covered by our project and more.

No Starty, no party! So we have another Starty comics story drawn by J. Mascarenhas, that will explain you about thermoelectric devices this time. Soon on all other languages, but for now you will have to be familiar with Shakespeare's mother tongue. You should be, if you read to this point...

In the news, you will find reports from our activities: on assessing thermoelectric materials, on LCA and LCC applied to thermoelectrics, and on our Delphi Survey, plus all details on our disselination efforts. In the Technical Pill, we describe applications of thermoelectric generators.

Our Clustering activity led us to meet 4 other projects: Symphony, Fast-Start and Incomess, grouped in the ERHASE cluster on energy harvesting that we joined, and the Thermos project. Read the details on these projects!

We have also interviewed another member of the Scientific Advisory Board, Doug Crane of DTP Thermoelectrics, who has a long history in the industry!

Finally, two other consortium partners present themselves, SGUDS and CSIC!

And we also are glad to report that we passed our first exam, the evaluation of our first Reporting Period, so let us pat ourselves on the back for that...

If you have any question for us, head to the Contact page and write to us!

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