RECOVER-REFORM-REUSE Issue #1: our START Newsletter is here! (Nov 2022)

RECOVER-REFORM-REUSE: a newsletter that is not just a project’s diary

The first issue of our newsletter is ready!

Like many projects, we decided we should have a Newsletter, published on our website and social media, biannually, that means every 6 months, starting from Issue 1 at Month 6 of the project, so November 2022.

But we did not want it to be just a diary of what we are doing in the project. To make it more appealing (we hope!) to the reader, we decided that it should contain not only information about the progress of the project, but also articles about the materials, the processes, the applications and the sustainability and circularity issues linked to the project’s approach. Thus, together with the general information about START, you will find in each issue some articles about thermoelectric materials, energy harvesting from waste heat, linked sustainability topics, and state-of-the-art documents and scientific reviews. In this issue, you will find two” technical pills”:

  • Critical minerals and raw materials sustainability in the EU
  • What is a thermoelectric material?

According to this approach, the consortium chose the name “RECOVER – REFORM – REUSE”, with the further claim “for a Sustainable Future”. The title is then suggesting the content, as it brings in the ideas of recovering (mine wastes, heat), of transformation (of wastes into raw materials for thermoelectric devices, and of otherwise dispersed heat into electrical energy), and of reusing (materials and energy achieved to obtain better efficiency).

We will surely have also the usual updates on project activities, on project events and other dissemination topics, with invitation to join events where START will be featured, descriptions of consortium partners, and clearly all information on the various ways to keep informed about the project (links to website, social media, link to the contact and subscription forms, etc.).

We hope that you will like the approach, and that you will become a fan of our robotic testimonial, Starty! Expect more stories and adventures with this new friend!

Where can you find the newsletter? In our “Documents” page (, of course! And even more obviously, it can be downloaded for free!

If you wish to receive the next issues of the newsletter directly in your mailbox as soon as they are published, you can subscribe via the “Contact” page (top right corner, in the menu bar, or here ) in this website. And pass the word to your colleagues and contacts!

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