Join the InComEss Final Workshop online!

Join us on January 31st, 2024, 9:00-15:00, as the InComEss Project, a pioneering initiative dedicated to developing next-generation energy scavenging and storage solutions, will unveil its groundbreaking results.

In the morning, delve into the fascinating world of polymer-based composite systems and their potential to harness energy from everyday sources. In the afternoon, witness the culmination of the ERHASE Cluster, a consortium of projects united by a common goal: unlocking the power of energy harvesting for a sustainable future. During this clustering workshop, START will speak via its coordinator Filipe Neves (LNEG) on the topic “START Project, Conversion of secondary mineral resources into value-added products for energy harvesting systems“. This ERHASE cluster (ERHASE means “EneRgy HArvesting for a Sustainable future”) is a cluster of projects (InComEss, SYMPHONY and FAST-SMART) that START recently joined – although you will not find us on the web page yet – dedicated to Energy Harvesting.

At the InComEss Final Workshop, you’ll:

  • Explore the latest advancements in energy harvesting technologies
  • Learn from industry experts and fellow enthusiasts
  • Discover how energy harvesting can transform our world
  • Network with like-minded individuals shaping the future of energy

Register for FREE (mandatory) and be part of this momentous online event, open to all interested individuals!

Click the links below to secure your spot and embark on a journey toward a sustainable future powered by cutting-edge energy solutions.

Agenda: available here

Registration link: here

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