Watch the footage from our 4th webinar on powder metallurgy in START

On 14th March we held our 4th free webinar, the first in 2024 after the three free webinars run in 2023.

This time the topic was, as previously announced, the description of the main powder metallurgical technologies that we use in the project to transform the minerals containing tetrahedrite into powders and then thermoelectric materials, and what we do to characterize them. Three of our consortium partners gave presentations for the audience, that reached about 40. This was the programme:

Webinar "Powder technology for tetrahedrite p-type semiconductors", 14/03/2024, 15:00 CET

15:00 Bruno Vicenzi (European Powder Metallurgy Association) and Filipe Neves (LNEG) - Welcome and introduction
15:05 Serena Busatto (MBN Nanomaterialia Spa) - "Mechano-chemical synthesis of thermoelectrically-optimized tetrahedrites from mine tailing"
15:40 Damian Karpowicz (GeniCore Sp. Z. o.o.) - "U-FAST – devices for SPS technology"
16:15 Patricia Almeida Carvalho (Sintef AS) - "Assessing the stability of novel tetrahedrites produced by powder metallurgy"
16:50 End of webinar

Now the full footage of the webinar is available to you to watch. You can find it in our Multimedia page, or directly here on our YouTube channel (and do not forget to subscribe to the channel!).

Thanks to the speakers and to all participants!

Soon we will be announcing details of our 5th webinar, that will be dedicated to "ThermoElectric devices and applications" and will happen on 7th June 2024. Save the date!

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